Jingle All The Way To Spa Escape

jingle all the way to spa escape

Jingle All The Way To Spa Escape


We are so excited it is finally the giving season that we decided to make up a fun blog post for all of you to enjoy!  We have written this to the tune of the Christmas Classic “Jingle Bells”.


Oh! Stress it swells, stress it swells,

You can’t afford to pay

For all these fancy Christmas gifts

That are on your list today, hey


Stress it swells, stress it swells,

It’s the mall on Saturday –

Now you’re wishing to yourself

That you’d found a better way!


Dashing through the snow,

Armed with Apple Pay,

Spending all your dough,

For gifts that seem “okay”,


But there’s a place to go

Where you’ll smile from ear to ear,

“Oh, what fun it is to buy

For all my friends right here!”


Yes we sell, yes we sell,

Great gifts at Spa Escape,

A one-stop shop for getting the top

Presents for your bae, hey!


They will tell, they will tell

All their friends how great

It was to get a thoughtful gift

From here at Spa Escape!


And since outside is cold,

And we all hibernate,

Glowing skin is good as gold,

In the dryness of this place


Stop in at the spa,

To treat yourself just right –

Cause everyone should feel their best

On icy winter nights!


Oh, stress it swells, stress it swells,

We can help you out

Come on in and find some help

For the list that makes you pout!


Oh, stress it swells, stress it swells

We will care for you

Get your elf a gift of care

And make your wish come true.





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