Chin Waxing

chin waxing

Chin waxing is a little job that makes a big impact!  Don’t wander around all day being self conscious of a few hairs you might have lurking on your chin.  Let there be no more hairs on that chinny-chin-chin and be happy! Our chin waxing is $12 and if chin waxing is added to eyebrow or lip waxing then it is only $5.  To view all of our face waxing pricing view our main facial waxing page!

When you are paying at the front desk be sure to ask for a short product tour and we’ll show you all the exclusive products you can get here at our spa that you can’t find on any store shelf.  We can help plan the best selection for your goals and/or skin type!

$5 per add on per person – approximately 10 minutes duration

$14 per person – approximately 10 minutes duration

$21 per person (chin + upper neck)

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