Acrylic Nail Fill

acrylif nail fill

Acrylic Nail Fill

Acrylic Nail Fill is a must if you enjoy acrylic nails.  As your nails grow a gap will form between the acrylic nail and your cuticle… but we can fill in the space to make your nails look like new again!  This service includes using the shellac color of your choice afterwards. Pick the same color or try something new!

After your acrylic nails are back in shape be sure to ask our front desk about any products you may be wondering about.  You can keep your natural nail healthy below the acrylic nail with our cuticle oil or other nail strengthening products that we carry in our boutique.  Just ask and we will be happy to help you find the best products to keep your hands and nails healthy.  We also have other skin care products available.  You can either view a few brands online here or get a quick product tour before you leave our spa.  We look forward to meeting you all!

$55.00 per person – approximately 90 minutes duration

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