Toenail Polish Application

toenail polish application

Toenail Polish Application

Toenail Polish Application is something you can want done for you for a variety of reasons.  Are you not confident with your accuracy on your toes?  Do you have back issues and can’t reach them properly?  Whatever your reasons – we are here to help you!  Find a design you like and then make an appointment or walk in at your convenience and leave with colorful toes! You can also go for a natural look if that’s more your style.  It’s always up to you.  Make it a French style for an additional $5.

People often want toe polish application because of our large assortment of colors.  When a person buys a bottle of polish it gets thick and goes bad before they can use it.  Why clutter your cabinet with a bunch of unused and old polish.  Choose from our selection that is always adding the new colors of the season.

Once your feet are complete and you’re walking proudly on them toward the front desk… be sure to ask our lovely team about our exclusive products.  You can have a quick spa product tour before you leave to learn all about what we have and how it is going to help you achieve any goals you may have.  We can create a plan with you for all of your nails or skin goals!

$15.00 (regular) per person – approximately 20 minutes duration

$30.00 (shellac) per person – approximately 20 minutes duration

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