Pedicures in Calgary for Men

men's toenail treatment

A downtown spa that aims to keep self care affordable while providing high quality treatments. We are for people who want to feel energized and good about themselves.

Men’s Pedicure in Calgary | Foot and Nail Care

Men’s Foot and Nail Care is a service we have available for all the fellas out there who know their feet aren’t up to snuff but they want to change that.  If you have feet like most men in Alberta then you have some hangnails, crazy cuticles, ingrown toenails, and very hardened skin… but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Bring those overworked feet and toes into our team and we’ll have them looking and feeling much better in no time!


Express Pedicures in Calgary for Men

Come escape to our downtown Calgary location and sit in one of our relaxing massage chairs while having your feet upgraded in appearance and feeling by one of our team’s awesome experts.  Enjoy the nice finishing touch of a thermal paraffin wax treatment.

$45.00 per person – Express Foot and Nail Care


Full Men’s Foot and Nail Care

Our full foot treatment is similar to our express treatment except just when you think it is all over… we finish the Men’s Foot and Nail Care Treatment off with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  What could be better than that, guys?  ?

$55.00 per person – Full Foot and Nail Care


Detoxifying Men’s Foot and Nail Care

To truly take your foot and nail care experience to the next level you can ask for a detox treatment.  You will receive everything described in our packages above but receive an additional mud wrap on your feet and ankles!  This not only feels amazing but will make your skin look incredible afterward!

$65.00 per person – Detoxifying Foot and Nail Care


As you strut comfortably back to our front desk after your foot treatment be sure to remember to ask us about our Gehwol foot cream.  If you are troubled constantly with dry or cracked skin on the feet (or any part of the body), the Gehwol cream will work wonders for you!  We also have some incredible products you can ask our front desk about and they will tell you all about them.  If you’d like to have a preview of some of them beforehand then visit out products page here online!

Just like the hand and nail care offering we have; you can upgrade this treatment with a wonderful paraffin wax treatment which we refer to as a thermal treatment.  For the feet it’s only $10 more.  The perfect upgrade for those tired, calloused and dry feet.


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