Leg Waxing

leg waxing

Full Leg Waxing

Do you have unwanted hair on your legs and are tired of shaving them every single week? Our estheticians will remove it for you leaving your full legs hairless and silky smooth.  Take on your daily activities with the confidence you deserve and the results that last!  Even when the legs are fully covered in our cold winters, it’s still feels great to have silky, smooth legs.  A great way to take care of you and feel good in the depths of winter.

$80.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

Upper Half Leg Waxing

Sometimes we get in a hurry and only find the time to shave the bottom half of our legs before slipping on a dress for the night and rushing out the door.  That’s fine for the night on the town but after a while you’re going to need to catch the rest of your leg up!  Come on in and have us wax the remaining top of your legs for you!

$47.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

Lower Half Leg Waxing

Whether it is for work or just how you enjoy dressing each and every day… some of us just need to get our legs in check from the knee down.  If you are tired of having to handle it with a razor all of the time then come see us!  We will have our aestheticians get your legs looking sharp (but feeling smooth!) for a much longer time than shaving would.  Call us to book your appointment today!

$35.00 per person – approximately 20 minutes duration


Whatever you choose from our available options for body waxing – we look forward to meeting you!  Be sure to ask our front desk reception about all of the incredible products we offer you for aftercare and they’ll be happy to give you a quick product tour.  You can find out what will work best for your skin type and the service you have had.   See you soon!


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