Men’s Cheek Threading

men's cheeks threading

Men’s Cheek Threading

Men’s Cheek Threading is the way to go if you are a guy looking to have your mid face cleaned up in a way that will last!  Even if you have a beard and would like to keep it looking crisp without all of the extra fuzz above it sticking around then this is for you!  Our Men’s Cheek Threading service does not include threading of the chin area, lip area, or the forehead.  You can expect to have the hair removed from the area directly beside your eyes down to either your beard line or down to as far down as your jawline if you’d prefer.  This is the way to ensure your extra little hairs stay gone for much longer than they would between regular shaving.

Whether you are cleaning up the extra fuzz to prepare for an important business meeting, an exciting date, or just because you want to… our experienced team here at Spa Escape can get you all cleaned up and on your way quickly.  Don’t hesitate any longer to book your service.  Call us today and set yourself up to feel like the best-looking, most confident version of yourself!

If you are interested in having your cheeks threaded then you should call our lovely team today and we will book you in whenever best works for you.  We will only take about 15-minutes to finish the service so you will be on your way very quickly.  We look forward to meeting you!

$10.50 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

If you are looking for a more permanent solution you may be interested in our Men’s Laser Hair Removal services.

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