men’s hair removal

men's hair removal services

Men’s Hair Removal Services

Our spa offers guys three different types of men’s hair removal services and they all have their positives.  You can book in for body hair removal, facial hair removal, or even choose to have laser hair removal!  Get pumped!

Men’s Waxing

Book some waxing if you’d like our team to remove body hair or to perfect your eyebrows and other facial hair.

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Men’s Threading

Book some threading if you’d like our team to use the ancient technique to remove your hair in such a way that it doesn’t grow back for a very long time.  This is typically used from the neck upwards.

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Laser Hair Removal

If you want something a little more permanent then laser hair removal is the way to go!  Everyone’s hair is a little different so to figure out the best plan of attack to solve your hair situation be sure to book your free consultation today!

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