Spa Pedicure

spa pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicure?  Yes please!!  Whether you really need your toes to be jazzed up and taken care of or you just need something to help relax you… a spa pedicure is a great solution!  Come escape and sit in one of our relaxing massage pedicure chairs while having your feet pampered by one of our awesome experts. Choose your favourite colour for your nails and finish off with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  Oh, and if you have any ingrown toenails… those will be fixed as well!  What could be better than that?  😛

In your blissful stroll over to our front desk after your pedicure be sure to remember to ask us about Gehwol foot cream.  If you are plagued with dry or cracked skin on the feet (or any part of the body), the Gehwol cream will work wonders for you!  We also have some incredible products you can ask our front desk about and they will tell you all about them.  If you’d like to have a preview of some of them beforehand then visit out products page here online!

$55.00 per person – approximately 50 minutes duration

$67.00 (with French) – approximately 65 minutes duration

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