Chin Threading

chin threading

Chin Threading

Chin threading is a great alternative and has many benefits over chin waxing.  If you have a few extra hairs on your chinny-chin-chin… we can use this ancient technique to help get rid of them in a hurry!  Add chin threading or waxing onto your other services for only $5!  This service as a standalone is $12 but we are offering a discount if you tack it onto your other spa services 🙂

Whether you book in or just drop in with no warning you can rest assured we’ll have you looking incredible in no time!  This is a quick service and will leave you feeling great and looking great!  Ask to have a quick product tour while you are here and learn what we have available to you to take home.  You can also learn a little by viewing our products online!

$5 per add on per person – approximately 10 minutes duration

$14 per person – approximately 10 minutes duration

$21 per person – chin + upper neck

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