Men’s Eyebrow Threading

men's eyebrow threading
Men’s Eyebrow Threading

Men’s Eyebrow Threading is something many men may not have heard about… but it is an excellent way to help shape your eyebrows without having it look too feminine!  It’s an ancient technique that’s fast and lends itself to creating a very natural shape and look to your eyebrows.  You can see the process of threading for men’s eyebrows by looking at the image at the top of this page.

How this technique works is we have our estheticians take a thread (often made of cotton) and they pull it along any unwanted eyebrow hair in a twisting motion, which traps the hair in what can be described as a mini lasso, and uplifts it right out of the follicle!  It’s a great way to remove the hair from the follicle and the results can last up to six weeks!  No longer will you guys have to squint your eyes in the mirror to see any hairs that are out of place and pluck them one by one with tweezers – what a pain!

If you live or work downtown in Calgary it will be very simple for you to book in and stop by to have this men’s eyebrow threading service done quickly and professionally so you can get back out on your way fast!  Many people come by during their lunch break and get a brow touchup done by our awesome team.  We look forward to meeting all you guys and helping to shape your eyebrows into a clean, masculine look!

While you are here on our site looking at all of our great services… be sure to also look into the product lines we offer.  When you stop by for your eyebrow threading appointment you can look at these products in person and ask us any questions you may have about them.

CLEAN UP $16 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration (brow waxing for same price)

SHAPING $18 per person – approximately 20 minutes duration (brow waxing for same price)

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