Eyebrow Tinting

eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the solution!  What’s the problem?  Not having as dark of brows as you would like – of course! Come in to our spa and choose from our great selection of different intensities of dyes and our team of professional estheticians will add some tint to your brows for a more noticeable (yet natural) look. Say “Goodbye!” to being bothered by your light eyebrows!

Brow Henna

Brow henna is a natural type of tinting that tints the brow hair as well as the skin (no need to use your eyebrow pencil).

Along with all of our awesome services we offer here at our Calgary Spa we also offer products you can’t buy just anywhere!  View online and then see in-store!

Brow Tinting: $15.00 per person – approximate duration 10 minutes

Brow Henna: $40.00 per person – approximate duration 45 minutes

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