Our Staff

Each member of the Spa Escape team brings a special skill and warm personality to make you feel welcome and pampered. Whether you want a quick cuticle trim and hand massage or a facial with full body wrap and massage our team is here to help you relax and take a break from the stress of everyday life. Take some time to escape with us and you will walk out feeling good about yourself and ready to face the world again.

Baby – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Colleen – Laser Tech and Esthetician

Jennifer – Teeth Whitening Specialist

Kristine –  Nail Tech and Esthetician

Mia – Nail tech and Esthetician

Rupinder – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Sarah – Nail Tech including artificial nails

Tina – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Products We Carry

If you are looking for top quality skin care then you will love our G.M. Collin skin care products. G.M. Collin has targeted solutions for all your skin care needs and is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products resulting in a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin. Click GM Collin to learn more!

Gehwol is the award-winning brand you’ve certainly heard about if you are one of the people who struggles with the skin on your feet!  This brand specializes in “everything for the well-being of the feet” and you can tell they aren’t kidding after you have used their foot cream products.  Learn more about their products by clicking Gehwol.

As the world leader in the professional nail care industry, OPI, is committed to providing high-quality products and services with a focus on industry safety and innovation.  Learn more about these products by clicking OPI Nail Polish.

Yon-Ka for Men is another amazing line we have for all the guys out there!  Yon-Ka offers every person a customized solution and the promise of a striking and immediately visible result at all ages in life.

Our Services
Additional Services
Our Services

Our downtown spa is so convenient for everyone to get to and we offer so many great treatments!  If you are in town staying at a downtown hotel then it is so easy for you to just walk over and get a treatment to help you relax and look your best!  If you are looking for your nails to be done up then you can book our manicures or pedicures which both offer shellac, express, and ultimate thermal!  Looking to have some hair removed?  Book in with our estheticians and we'll get your eyebrows all shaped up with your choice of waxing or threading.  If it is facials you are after then rest assured we'll have the right one for you.  We offer over 10 unique types of facials that are sure to impress!  In addition to all of that we also offer henna tattoos, lash extensions, massage, mud wraps, spa packages, laser hair removal and much more!  If you work downtown Calgary and would like to pop in quickly during your lunch break then that's certainly something we can accommodate.  Call us today and let's get you all booked in.

Additional Services

Facials In Calgary


Facials in Calgary is something people may search for on Google and not know exactly what they are looking for.  There are so many kinds of facials that is might be difficult to know which is the best one for you and your specific skin type or condition.  Here at Spa Escape our experienced team is able to meet with you to decide what facial treatment will help you meet whatever skincare goal you may have.  If you are trying to deal with acne as your priority then it will require a different type of facial than it would if your sole purpose of the facial was to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.  Our downtown spa has a large selection of incredible facials so don't be overwhelmed... just give us a call today and we'll show you which ones do what and how they will likely work for you.  Some people say our face is one of our best marketing tools we have so let's ensure we are all looking our absolute best!


Oxygeneo Facial in Calgary


Oxygeneo Facials are the best because they will improve the health of your face’s skin with a 3-in-1 effect!  It will exfoliate your skin to reveal the newer healthy skin underneath, fill the new skin with nutrients for a healthy glow, and also oxygenate your skin to help it absorb all of the nutrients!  This is something that must be experienced!


Microdermabrasion in Calgary


Microdermabrasion facials remove any dead or flaky skin and stimulate the growth of new, bright, healthy skin cells and fresh collagen.  This removal is a key factor in maintaining the health of the cells below the skin's surface.  Learn more about our microdermabrasion services and pricing by clicking the link.


Chemical Peel in Calgary


We offer four different types of chemical peels and each one has a slightly different purpose and benefit.  Let our team take a look at your skin type and any issues you may have and then we will let you know what type is going to work the best for you as far as removing the dead skin cells and creating that more lively looking skin you desire!


Hydrolifting Facial


Hydrolifting facials are a unique clinical treatment that were specifically formulated to visibly firm the skin on your face and neck. The extreme hydration of this facial causes your skin to be much more radiant and appear revitalized. Hydrolifting also improves the skin’s elasticity and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Learn more about this facial on our Hydrolifting page.


Bikini Wax


This discreet care removes the sides. Let your esthetician know how much you want removed and she will give you the utmost care. Price varies with how much you want removed.


Algomask in Calgary


Our Algomask is a service that's perfect for for anybody with sensitive or reactive prone skin (but it works well for all skin types). This is an enriched seaweed treatment that infuses your skin with prompt and lasting hydration while the thermo-cooling aspect of it helps minimize any appearance of redness.  Learn more about our Algomask here!


Ionic Detox Foot Bath


The Ionic Detox Foot Bath helps to rid toxins that are present in the body.  You sit and relax in one of our massage chairs and dip your feet in the ionic foot bath.  The foot bath does all the work of drawing toxins out of your body.  The positive and negative ions in the foot bath water work by attaching themselves to the toxins in your body and the toxins that are soluble will dissolve in the water.  You will see the water change color as the toxins are drawn from your body.  This is the most relaxing way to rid the body of toxins.


Men's Back Waxing


Men’s Back Waxing is one of the most common hair removal services for men.  Although sometimes our male clients find their body hair to be masculine… their back hair is almost always a turnoff for the ladies!  If you have a significant other or potential significant other that you believe isn’t a fan of a hairy back then you might want to start looking into a few options!  Removing back hair is common amongst swimmers and is a perfect way to help men feel more confident in their body before heading out on a beach vacation!


Threading in Calgary


Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow threading is a great solution for when your eyebrows are getting a little out of control!  Our highly experienced team here at Spa Escape can tame them for you with just one quick visit.  If you have never had threading done before it may feel a little weird to you but we guarantee you will love the results.


Men's Hand and Nail Care


Men's hand and nail care is for any men out there who know their fingers are looking pretty rough... and want to do something about it!  Our team knows that dry, wrinkled hands can be a turnoff if you're out on an important date so they also know how important it is to clean up those man hands quickly!  Learn about the unexpected benefits of our men's hand and nail care by clicking the link!


Massage in Calgary


Massages from our downtown spa include both hot stone massages and traditional massages.  Our hot stone massages are always booked for 60-minutes while our traditional massages are able to be booked in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions.  Treat yourself to one of our massage services with our registered massage therapist (RMT). Stuart has nearly 20 years of experience and specializes in deep tissue massage using trigger point therapy which will help to alleviate any muscle pain you may be experiencing from either the gym or just regular everyday life.  If you would like a relaxing massage instead of a deep tissue massage we can book you in with one of our other team members and have you feeling incredible for days!


Spa Packages in Calgary


There is a good amount of spas in our wonderful city of Calgary and sometimes it can be overwhelming to go through them all to find a solid spa package for yourself or to give as a gift.  At Spa Escape in downtown Calgary we have a simple preview page of our packages that showcase the pricing first and from there you can view the details for the price point you've been searching for.  Check out our list of Spa Packages here!


Acne Treatment Package


We have put together an incredible package to help rid you of your acne issues!  We have adjusted this slowly over a long period of time and you are going to absolutely love it!  The services and products we have included in this bundle are highly valued but offered together at a great discount.  Learn all about the details of the acne treatment package here!


Nail Salon in Downtown Calgary


Acrylic Nails


If you have thin or brittle nails (of if you bit your nails) then Acrylic Nails will be a fitting option for you.  This style of nails is quite the popular service in downtown Calgary and we are known to be one of the best salons to choose for great results.  Whether you want to use our team of estheticians' expertise to choose the look or you have your own ideas you've put together you can count on us creating your perfect look and sending you off with a smile on your face!


Acrylic Nail Fill


These fills are a must if you are the type of person who enjoys rocking beautiful acrylic nails on the regular.  As the acrylic nails grow they can start to look bad and make us a little self conscious… but we can always fill in the gap to make your nails look brand new again! Watch our fill video here!


UV Gel Nails


UV Gel Nails are a great solution to the problem of snapping your nails!  This style of artificial nail adds an extension to each of your fingernails to make them all the exact same length.  A sturdy gel is applied to the top to prevent any breakage and give your nails a smooth, beautiful texture.  Learn all about UV Gel Nails here!


UV Gel Nails Fill


UV Gel Nails fill is what you do to keep your artificial nails looking incredible like they did the day you first got them.  As time goes on the nail grows out... but we can fill in the new space to make your nails look like they are new!  Read more and see pricing on UV Gel Nails here!


Spa Laser Treatments

We offer a few different types of laser treatment services here at our spa.  We offer laser hair removal and we also offer laser skin treatments to help you look your best!

Laser Hair Removal


Unwanted hair can become a tiresome task to deal with every week whether you're a man or a woman... so lucky for everyone we have a solution!  The device we use for hair removal has a proprietary light based technology that has the advantage of a shorter treatment period than other IPL hair removal machines.  Learn more about our technology and our pricing by visiting our Laser Hair Removal page. 


Laser Acne Treatment


Laser Acne Treatment using our IPL laser is incredible!  You can easily rejuvenate your skin back to its smooth natural beauty with this quick drug-free skin treatment.  This proven pain-free method gives you results fast with no side effects whatsoever.  Learn more about laser acne treatment in Calgary.


Laser Skin Rejuvenation


As we age our body stops creating as much collagen and this results in more and more skin wrinkles and sagging.  Our daily habits can either positively or negatively affect the rate at which we appear to age.  Smokers have faster rates of skin aging then non-smokers.  People who don't stay hydrated also age faster.  Whether or not you have the good habits of bad habits... our IPL laser can help your skin rejuvenate and start to create more natural collagen again so we knock a few years of aging off of our beautiful faces!  Learn more about Laser Skin Rejuvenation today!


Spa Pedicures In Calgary


When it comes to getting your toes, toenails, and feet taken care of... is there anything as amazing as a proper Spa Pedicure!?  We didn't think so.  Come experience one of the things we're best known for!


Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions are an amazing way to add new pizazz to your face!  Combining this service alongside some strategic eye makeup can make your eyes pop more than you've ever imagined!  Click here to learn about our Eyelash Extensions in Calgary.


Microblading in Calgary

If you have questions about microblading you can take advantage of our FREE consultations.  How the process typically goes is you get your initial microblading treatment, then a 1-3 month touchup, 3-6 month touchup, 6-12 month touch up, and even a 12-18 month touch up if you so choose.  Keeping on top of these intervals will ensure the highest quality look for your new brows!