Our Staff

Each member of the Spa Escape team brings a special skill and warm personality to make you feel welcome and pampered. Whether you want a quick cuticle trim and hand massage or a facial with full body wrap and massage our team is here to help you relax and take a break from the stress of everyday life. Take some time to escape with us and you will walk out feeling good about yourself and ready to face the world again.

Adrienne – Receptionist, Henna Tattoo Artist, and Laser Tech

Baby – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Celine – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Colleen – Laser Tech and Esthetician

Karme – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Nathalie – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Sandra – Nail Tech and Receptionist

Song – Nail Tech including artificial nails

Stuart – Registered Massage Therapist

Tina – Nail Tech and Esthetician

Products We Carry

If you are looking for top quality skin care then you will love our G.M. Collin skin care products. G.M. Collin has targeted solutions for all your skin care needs and is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products resulting in a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.

G.M. Collin’s products are derived from natural plant and marine extracts, including certified organic ingredients, and are biotechnologically developed to achieve results. Their philosophy of respect for the environment mandates that their products are not tested on animals.

At Phamtastic Spa Escape we follow a step-by-step program designed to perform an in-depth skin analysis to help provide you with an effective, results-oriented skin care rejuvenation path tailored to your individual needs and concerns. We have the expertise to offer clinical formulations at the spa as well as help you choose the best home care collection.

Our Services
Additional Services
Our Services

Our downtown spa is so convenient for everyone to get to and we offer so many great treatments!  If you are looking for your nails to be done up then you can book our manicures or pedicures which both offer shellac, express, and ultimate thermal!  Looking to have some hair removed?  Book in with our estheticians and we'll get your eyebrows all shaped up with your choice of waxing or threading.  If it is facials you are after then rest assured we'll have the right one for you.  We offer over 10 unique types of facials that are sure to impress!  In addition to all of that we also offer henna tattoos, lash extensions, massage, mud wraps, spa packages, laser hair removal and much more!  If you work downtown Calgary and would like to pop in quickly during your lunch break then that's certainly something we can accommodate.  Call us today and let's get you all booked in.

Additional Services

Facials In Calgary

Facials in Calgary is something people may search for on Google and not know exactly what they are looking for.  There are so many kinds of facials that is might be difficult to know which is the best one for you and your specific skin type or condition.  Here at Spa Escape our experienced team is able to meet with you to decide what facial treatment will help you meet whatever skincare goal you may have.  If you are trying to deal with acne as your priority then it will require a different type of facial than it would if your sole purpose of the facial was to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.  Our downtown spa has a large selection of incredible facials so don't be overwhelmed... just give us a call today and we'll show you which ones do what and how they will likely work for you.

Bikini Wax

This discreet care removes the sides. Let your esthetician know how much you want removed and she will give you the utmost care. Price varies with how much you want removed.

Ionic Foot Bath

The Ionic Foot Bath helps to rid toxins that are present in the body.  You sit and relax in one of our massage chairs and dip your feet in the ionic foot bath.  The foot bath does all the work of drawing toxins out of your body.  The positive and negative ions in the foot bath water work by attaching themselves to the toxins in your body and the toxins that are soluble will dissolve in the water.  You will see the water change color as the toxins are drawn from your body.  This is the most relaxing way to rid the body of toxins.