Acne Treatment Package

acne treatment package

Acne Treatment Package

We have all been at a point in our lives where we are dealing with acne… some of us grow out of it while others can’t seem to kick the condition.  We know it can be frustrating so we have put together a very effective acne treatment package to help clear your skin as quickly as possible!  This Acne Treatment Package includes:

  • 8 Acne Laser Treatment Sessions (value of $792)
  • 1 Oxygenating Facial (value of $95)
  • 1 Intensive Exfoliating Facial (value of $45)
  • 1 Home Care Kit: Puractive Cleanser (value of $36), Puractive Mist (value of $40), Puractive Cream (moisturizer) (value of $59), Deep Cleansing Solution (value of $37), Puracne Gel (value of $58), and an Intensive Exfoliating Gel (value of $46)

This incredible package has a value of $1207 but you get it for ONLY $980!

men acne treatment package

Acne Treatment Package Details

Acne Laser Treatment

The Sharplight DPC (which we also modify for use for our laser hair removal) is a painless light-based technology that has been proven to effectively treat acne and prevents acne scarring. The visible blue light destroys the acne bacteria, the yellow light coagulates the feeding blood vessels, and the infrared light dries and heals the lesions.

Oxygenating Facial

This clinical treatment is a must for anyone struggling with acne. It removes excess oil and surface dead skin cells that trap the bacteria under the skin. It also helps to slow down oil production and calm inflammation due to acne and rejuvenate the skin.

Intensive Exfoliating Facial

The first step in combating acne is thorough exfoliation of dead skin cells. Acneic skin is inflamed due to bacteria which sticks to the oil and is protected by dead skin cells while feeding off surface blood vessels. An in-spa chemical exfoliation is strong enough to remove the dead and dull skin cells and exposing the bacteria and gentle enough to leave a radiant complexion. The thorough exfoliation allows cleansing and treating creams to reach and treat the areas that need to be treated.

Acne Prevention Home Care Kit

Puractive Cleanser removes oil and environmental particles that stick to the skin.

Puractive Mist balances the pH of the skin while relaxing the cells so that they can absorb the acne treating products.

Puractive Cream puts moisture (no oil) back into the skin so that it is balanced and healthy.

Deep Cleansing Solution deeply cleans the skin removing excessive oil and inhibits acne causing microorganisms.

Puracne Gel is used daily to help dry up and heal the acne lesion as well as dry up excessive oil to prevent acne bacteria from spreading.

Intensive Exfoliation Gel is an at-home exfoliant which helps keep dead skin cells from quickly accumulating on the face. At-home exfoliation helps keep dead skin cells at bay between in-spa exfoliation treatments (just like daily brushing of teeth maintains healthy oral hygiene between dental cleanings).

What Causes Acne?

Our skin is our largest organ and it is filled with countless hair follicles. Each hair follicle on our bodies has a gland that produces oil (sebum). The sebum keeps the hair and skin moisturized and healthy. The body is always making new skin cells as the outer cells die and are shed. The sebum and constant renewal of our skin cells is an important part of keeping our largest organ healthy.

  1. Sometimes the dead skin cells do not fully shed but remain in the hair follicle where they get stuck together by the sticky sebum. This causes a blockage of the hair follicle (pore) and the follicle becomes engorged with the excess sebum. This causes a bump on the skin and is referred to as a papule.
  2. The follicle continues to fill with sebum rupturing the follicle wall. This leaves the follicle red, swollen and sore creating what is called a pustule.
  3.  As white blood cells rush to the papule they die and start to form pus which creates a whitehead. A whitehead can often be seen on a papule, pustule and cyst.
  4. Bacteria by the name of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes for short) resides at the base of hair follicles. When the hair follicle becomes plugged with dead skin cells and sticky sebum it provides a great environment for the bacteria to multiply at a prolific rate. This causes more inflammation and sore raised pustules. The whitehead forms as white blood cells attack the bacteria and die, pooling together along with dead bacteria.
  5. When blocked follicles get even larger they can go deeper into your skin and become very sore. The deep, hard sore bump is referred to as a nodule. Cysts have pus and are somewhat softer than nodular acne.

Papules, pustules, whiteheads are all referred to as pimples. Pimples usually affect the face, chest, shoulders and back because there are many sebaceous glands in these areas. Sebum production is increased by hormones and that is why acne is common in teenagers and women beyond their teen years.

Whatever the term, they are painful, annoying and often embarrassing. We can help you combat this common condition. No one needs to struggle with acne and we can help you understand your skin and get it in top healthy condition with our acne treatment package!

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