Nail Polish Application

nail polish application

Nail Polish Application

Nail Polish Application is fun for some people to do on their own but sometimes you want either the accuracy of an esthetician… or their awesome ability to create unique nail art!  If you have some ideas you’d like our team to create then bring in a reference image and we’ll be sure to impress!  Clean lines right up to the edges of your nail and colours that pop!  Get excited!

One of the values of the polish we use at Spa Escape is that it is a higher quality than the department store polish.  People come to us because they want the accuracy of an esthetician or they may also want a better quality polish.  Also we do regular polish which is $12 or Shellac Polish Application which is $25.

Once you are pleased with your new nail polish application you can ask our front desk about all of the high quality products we have for sale.  You can have a short product tour and if you are interested in any of them you can ask questions to your heart’s delight.  We are excited to meet you!

$12.00 (regular) per person – approximately 20 minutes duration

$25.00 (shellac) per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

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