Ultimate Pedicure


ultimate pedicure

Ultimate Pedicure

Ultimate Pedicure?  What makes it so “ultimate” anyway?  You’ll have to experience it yourself to truly understand but we can tell you that we’ll bathe your feet in our blue bath salts as we remove callus skin and trim your cuticles to perfection.  Ingrown toenails?  No problem!  We fix those and then properly shape your toe nails and apply a polish of your choice.  If you would like to have gel polish applied we’ll only charge an extra $15.  Want more?  Okay!  Have your feet wrapped in an exfoliating and detoxifying mud wrap and we will also provide a relaxing lower leg and foot massage!  Get excited!  …we mean… um… get relaxed!  😉

When you are here in person be sure to ask us for a product tour.  We’ll show you the exclusive brands we carry so you know what they do and what makes them better than anything you’ll find on the store shelves!  If you’re a pedicure person you’ll want to ask about our foot cream!

$70.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration

$85.00 (shellac)

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