Rainforest Scrub

rainforest scrub

Rainforest Scrub

Rainforest scrub?  Yup!  This is something that’ll refresh your body like a beautiful stroll through some of the world’s most incredible vegetation would refresh your mind!  This treatment combines the Vichy shower and an essential oil massage to relieve tension, enhance circulation, and detoxify and moisturize the body!  You’re going to be walking out of here like a new person!

While you’re walking like a new person… make sure you stop at our front desk to ask about any unadvertised specials we may be running.  It’s a thing we do.  We also run monthly specials that can be viewed here on our website anytime!  We can’t wait to meet you all and show you the benefits of one of our famous rainforest scrub services!

$75.00 per person – approximately 40 minutes duration

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