Spa Manicure


Spa Manicure

Spa Manicure is a term we should all be familiar with AND they are for more than just the occasional pampering… they’re also good for your overall health and well being!  This is especially true for people living here in our harsh Calgary climate during the winters.  Along with keeping your hands looking young… a single booking can increase blood circulation, improve the health of your nails, help you de-stress, and make your hands soft and smooth!  Add those to the many things you may not know about nails!

A Spa Escape basic spa manicure is a full manicure consisting of cuticles being trimmed as well as finger nails being trimmed and shaped to the shape and length of your preference.  A wonderful arm and hand massage is then followed by the application of your favorite color of regular nail polish which is then protected with a clear top coat polish. It is only $12 more make it French!

After you are done make sure you ask us about any unadvertised specials we may be running!  We also run monthly specials that you can benefit from 🙂

$30.00 – approximately 40 minutes

$42.00 – if you upgrade to a French Manicure

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