Ionic Detox Foot Bath

ionic foot bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath is the name of a wonderful thing that helps to rid toxins and illness that like to hang out in the body.  You simply sit and relax in one of our massage chairs and dip your feet in the ionic detox foot bath. While there are many ways to rid your body of toxins… the foot bath does a lot of the work of helping the body to detox by adjusting the body’s pH from acidic to alkaline.  Having the body function at an alkaline pH is essential for a person’s health as illness and disease thrive in an acidic body.  As you relax in a massage chair here at Spa Escape, you will see the water of your foot bath change color as it does its work to adjust your body to a more healthy functioning level.  It is one of the most relaxing ways to help your body so that it can more easily flush out toxins and restore to health.  As an added benefit, the detox continues to alkalize the body up to 48 hours after the treatment.   

Another way to get rid of body toxins is with our body mud wrap.  For those who are skeptical about the detox effects of the foot bath… take a look at this!

After you are done you should use your refreshed feet to walk over to our front desk and ask about our incredible products that you can’t just find on a store shelf!  View some online but make sure you ask while you are here so we can help you choose what is right for you and give you a more in-depth explanation of them.

$57.00 per person – approximate duration 45 minute


If you want to ramp up the detox process be sure to book a lymphatic drainage massage right after your ionic foot detox!  

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