Bikini Wax

bikini wax

Bikini Wax

Bikini wax is a visit you’ll book that offers discreet care in removing the sides. This booking usually means you have something exciting coming up so getting it done properly and just how you like it is very important!  Let your esthetician know how much you want removed and she will give you the utmost care. Price varies with how much you want removed.  We will also give you the best tips on freshly waxed skin flawless for as for as long as possible.

Tend Skin is a great product for those who don’t wax regularly or who have problems with ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  You will see a HUGE improvement in your skin afterwards.  Now that you know the secret to keeping your skin nice after – why not do a leg wax while you’re at it?  View all of our options for Body Waxing.

After you’re all silky smooth be sure to ask the front desk for a product tour!  We can show you the best exclusive products to purchase that will keep you feeling and looking your best!

Bikini Line: $35.00 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

Bikini Plus a Bit More: $41.00 per person

Bikini Line + Full Leg: $90.00 per person

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