men’s threading

mens threading

Men’s Threading

Threading is a great ancient technique used to remove hair in such a way that it won’t grow back for a long time.  It was originally from ancient Egypt and has stuck around for so long because it works… and well!


Men’s Eyebrow Threading

Men’s Eyebrow Threading is something many men may not have heard about… but it is an excellent way to help shape your eyebrows without having it look too feminine!

$14.00 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration (brow waxing for same price)

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Men’s Cheek Threading

You can expect to have the hair removed from the area directly beside your eyes down to either your beard line or down to as far down as your jawline if you’d prefer.  This is the way to ensure your extra little hairs stay gone for much longer than they would between regular shaving.

$10.50 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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Men’s Face Threading

Includes the hair removal of your upper lip, chin, outside the eyes, and down as far as the jawline if you’d like.  This service can help remove the annoying fuzz (or even thicker hair) that ends up growing higher up on men’s faces than they’d sometimes like.

$40 per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

$35 per person, brow shaping not included – approximately 30 minutes duration

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Men’s Neck Threading

Men’s Neck Threading is a popular way of removing the unwanted hair from the bottom of a man’s hairline.

$15 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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