Shellac Pedicure


shellac pedicure

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac Pedicure?  Absolutely!  We know you all love a pedicure and we know you understand how incredible shellac can be so why not combine the two?  Escape to our spa in downtown Calgary and indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating shellac pedicure.  You can have any ingrown toenails corrected and then have our amazing shellac polish applied to your toenails for a longer-lasting beautiful colour.  Experience a relaxing, enjoyable visit with our estheticians as you sit back and let us pamper you… and maybe your friends too!

When asked why women enjoy pedicures so much, one lady on Quora said:

A pedicure is similar to any other beauty treatment.

It’s like one of those perfect shaped beards. You know the hours guys spend on getting every single hair in place. Like that. Perfect ‘good feel’ treatment, boosts confidence.

Well groomed feet are always attractive. I know someone (a guy) who loves perfectly done hands and feet, he finds that attractive in women.

Even I work hard on keeping my hands perfect. I like it. Just like men love their beards or their hair.

After your toenails are done be sure to ask us about our incredible foot creams and about any of our unadvertised specials we may be running.  We also run online monthly specials that you should be sure to check before booking in with us.

$70.00 per person – approximately 60 minutes duration

$85.00 (with French)

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