Shellac Removal

shellac removal

Shellac Removal

Shellac removal is something we all need when our nails get to that point where they’re driving us insane!  Shellac polish lasts a long time on the nail but after a while it is tempting to peel or chip it off if a corner or edge starts to edge.  Don’t cave to that temptation as peeling and chipping off Shellac polish will damage the surface of your nail!  To keep the nail healthy be sure to daily apply a cuticle oil to both the cuticles and the nail.  Shellac polish is slightly porous and the oil can seep through to keep the nail in good condition.

Unlike some people think… this style cannot be removed with regular nail polish remover. If you would like it removed as your nail grows out (instead of trying to hide it), walk on in at your convenience or with an appointment and our experts will remove it for you.  Have a clear nail strengthener applied for an additional $3.

After your removal be sure to ask us about any unadvertised specials we may be running that day or in the near future.  If there is something good coming up then you may want to plan a visit back soon!  Book in today!  We look forward to seeing you!

$15.00 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

$18.00 per person – total after bundling shellac removal with clear nail strengthener

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