Brazilian Wax

brazilian wax

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax is a service that requires the high level of skill that our professional team has certainly proven over the years!  You don’t need to have a trip to the beach planned to want a Brazilian wax done either!  If you have never had a Brazilian – don’t be afraid!  In fact, many ladies prefer a Brazilian when it comes to that sensitive area. Give it a try and we bet you’ll be hooked!

Come in and have one of our estheticians tend to you with the utmost care. If you have a specific esthetician you would prefer, mention them to us over email or phone and we would be happy to book you with her.  Be sure to ask us about Tend Skin so you can make sure you are doing your aftercare to the best of your ability to avoid any possible ingrown hairs or rashes.  We also have many other available services for body wax if you are looking for more than just a Brazilian.

$60.00 per person (more than 8 weeks since last Brazilian) – approximately 35 minutes duration

$55.00 per person (8 weeks or less since last Brazilian) – approximately 35 minutes duration

$90.00 per person (Brazilian & Buttocks for women)

$110.00 per person (Brazilian + full leg)

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