Men’s Neck Threading

men's neck threading

Men’s Neck Threading

Men’s Neck Threading is a popular way of removing the unwanted hair from the bottom of a man’s hairline.  Some people prefer waxing and others are wishing there was another way… well… this is that way!  We use the ancient technique of threading to remove each hair in such a way that it won’t grow back for a long time and you’ll have that clean look you desire!

We get many clients who come in to see us between their regularly scheduled haircuts just to keep them looking professional without waiting months at a time to see their barber.  It’s a quick and simple touch up that’ll ensure you’re looking your best in your dress clothes or even just while kicking back in your jeans and a tee.  Don’t feel any less awesome than you have to!

Book in today and our team of skilled threading practitioners will have you all cleaned up and on your way in no time!


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