Underarm Waxing

underarm waxing

Underarm Waxing

Underarm waxing is an extremely common area to have waxing done.  Tired of shaving your armpits and managing the stubble just two days later?  We feel you!  Let’s solve that!  Our estheticians can quickly and efficiently leave your underarms smooth and hairless much longer than shaving.  Don’t be afraid to wear that cute sleeveless dress or that tank top any more!  One can never imagine how wonderful smooth underarms feel until they get them waxed!  Have great-looking, smooth underarms today!  We also have many other options available for Body Waxing.

Once your underarm waxing is done be sure to ask us about products you can use to minimize any chance of rash or ingrown hairs.  Our team does amazing work but it’s always smart to do all you can – like using our great Tend Skin product.  Ask us before you leave 🙂

$20.00 per person

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