Men’s Face Threading

men's face threading

Men’s Face Threading

Men’s Face Threading is a much better alternative than plucking each individual hair from your face!  Some guys are alright with using tweezers for their eyebrows but if you are looking to have more of your face done then that method simply won’t do!  Our men’s face threading service includes the hair removal of your upper lip, chin, outside the eyes, and down as far as the jawline if you’d like.  This service can help remove the annoying fuzz (or even thicker hair) that ends up growing higher up on men’s faces than they’d sometimes like.  This threading will ensure you have a longer lasting smoothness to the areas of your face that you don’t want any hair.

Threading is an ancient technique that is able to remove the hairs in such a way that they stay gone for much longer than shaving would be able to provide.  If you have never had any type of threading done then this is certainly something you should look into!  You’re going to love it and love the lasting effects even more!

Give us a call today and we can get you booked in.  As you are leaving from your awesome appointment be sure to ask our lovely front desk staff about any specials that may be coming up in the months ahead.  You never know!

$43 per person – approximately 40 minutes

$35 per person – with brow shaping not included approximately 30 minutes.

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