Men’s Hand and Nail Care

men's hand and nail care

Men’s Hand and Nail Care

Men’s Hand and Nail Care is for all guys out there who know their hands and fingers need some help.  Stop finding yourself in positions on dates or at important meetings where your hands are drawing negative attention.  Some people might think it’s not that big of a deal but let us tell you it can certainly make or break some situations!  Even if you don’t have a job that wears your hands out during the day; Calgary itself has a climate that creates rough-looking hands and fingers because of the dryness of the winters.  If you have old-looking hands, hangnails all over, and your cuticles have seen better days… then you might want to think about giving us a shout!

Along with keeping your hands from looking like someone twice your age… a single men’s hand and nail care booking can increase blood circulation, improve the health of your nails, help you de-stress, and make your hands softer and smoother!  Add those to the many things you may not know about nails!

Express Men’s Hand and Nail Care

At Spa Escape our express men’s hand and nail care treatment consists of cuticles being cleaned and trimmed as well as finger nails being cleaned, trimmed, shaped properly and buffed.

$25.00 – Express Hand and Nail Care


 Hydrating Men’s Hand and Nail Care

The full hand and nail treatment can be upgraded for only $5.00 more to include a hydrating paraffin wax treatment.  The hands are dipped in a warm hydrating paraffin wax.  This luxurious wax is left on the hands for 10 minutes and then peeled off leaving a fantastic smooth hydrated skin.  We refer to this as a thermal manicure and it is an excellent treatment in our dry climate!

$30.00 – Hydrating Hand and Nail Care – Approx. 40-min.


Detoxifying Men’s Hand and Nail Care

Also known as the ultimate manicure; this treatment includes everything described above and in addition you receive a mud wrap on your hands and forearms which helps to detoxify your body and just feels awesome!!

$35.00 – Detoxifying Hand and Nail Care – Approx 40-min.


After you are done make sure you ask us about any unadvertised specials we may be running!  We also run monthly specials that you can benefit from 🙂

Sidenote:  We also offer men’s fingernail protection which is where we add an acrylic nail that increases the strength of the nail without anyone being able to notice.  There is no gloss finish on these for men and they are also great for nail biters to help them break the habit (if they want to).

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