Men’s Spa Services

Men’s Spa Services

We offer so many incredible spa services to men here in the heart of downtown Calgary.  Take a quick look at our main categories below and view the details by clicking each link.

Men’s Skincare

It is no secret that nowadays men want to keep their appearance looking more youthful.  Get all the secrets to extending your youth here, guys!

View Men’s Skincare Details.


Men’s Hair Removal

There are many ways to clean up the look of your hair and we offer a great selection!  Whether you are looking for waxing, threading, or even laser hair removal… you should give us a call!

View Men’s Hair Removal Details.


Men’s Hands and Feet

Hand and foot care includes manicures, pedicures, and treatments to make your hands and feet look younger and feel better.  We also have ways of increasing nail strength and detoxifying your body!

View Men’s Hands and Feet Details.


Body Treatments

Body treatments are great ways to get your overall body feeling a lot better and treating your skin as well.  If you need to overall destress and want to leave feeling amazing then these are the way to go.

View Body Treatment Details.


Massage Services

No explanation needed here, guys.  You know that these are the best way to iron our any sore muscles you’ve acquired over the week.

View Massage Services Details.


Spa Packages

Spa packages are just that – packages.  We have bundles complementary services together to help you all get the most out of your experience with us both physically and financially!

View Spa Packages Details.

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