Dead Sea Mud Wrap

dead sea mud wrap

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Dead Sea Mud Wrap is filled with so many benefits that we can’t possibly list them all.

We use 100% verified mud from the Dead Sea as well as salt from the Dead Sea.  We have chosen this mud as it is the most beneficial natural mud and salt in the world.  A layer of Dead Sea mud is applied to your body along with a generous amount of the salt.  After wrapping you up in a cozy wrap you relax on our Vichy Shower bed while the mud and salt do their magic.  This is followed by a rejuvenating body scrub and then the cascading waters of our therapeutic Vichy Shower.  Because that’s not quite enough self-care, a 20 minute relaxing massage is added on to the end of this treatment.  These combined services exfoliate and moisturize your skin while also remineralizing and detoxifying the skin, providing stress relief and restoring balance to the skin.  If you’ve never tried this service we highly suggest it!  You won’t believe how great you feel after!  Book today!

$175.00 approximate duration is 90 minutes

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