Men’s Detox Foot Bath

men's detox foot bath

Men’s Detox Foot Bath

Men’s Detox Foot Bath is a relaxing and beneficial treatment that rids the body of the toxins that are in all of us.  Toxins can build up over time so it is good to have some methods of removing them… especially when the method can be as enjoyable as this!  You get to come in and see our lovely staff and then relax back into one of our massage chairs then sink your tired feet into the detox foot bath.

The negative and positive ions in the foot bath water work by attaching themselves to the toxins in your body and the toxins that are soluble will dissolve in the water.  You will see the water change colour as the toxins are drawn from your body so you know it’s working!

Another way to detox is with our body mud wrap.  For those who are skeptical about the detox effects of the foot bath… take a look at this!

After you are done you should use your rejuvenated feet to stroll over to our front desk and ask our team about the incredible products that you can’t just find on a store shelf!  Some of them will even keep your (usually) rough manly feet feeling and looking softer than ever!  View some online but make sure you ask while you are here so we can help you choose what is right for you and give you a more in-depth explanation of them.

$57.00 per person – approximate duration 45 minutes

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