men’s waxing

Men’s Waxing


Men’s Armpit Waxing

Men’s Armpit Waxing is a quick and easy way to clean up your summer look for when you’re out and about in your favourite gym clothes or sleeveless shirts.  Depending on the cut of the tank top or some other shirts… sometimes the armpit hair that’s visible is a little unsightly so many men choose to remove the hair for the season.

$15.00 per person

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Men’s Arm Waxing

Men’s Arm Waxing is something you may not have tried before but have always wondered about.  Many men in the bodybuilding and fitness industry regularly remove hair from their arms and body but there are many other reasons for men to remove their body hair.

Pricing Varies

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Men’s Chest Waxing

Some guys love to rock a super hairy chest and others prefer to do a little ‘manscaping‘ to tame that hair and control what parts of the chest hair remain a little longer… but what if you prefer the cleaned up look?

$50.00 per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

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Men’s Leg Waxing

Men’s Leg Waxing is important for many athletes like swimmers, cyclists, runners, and even bodybuilders.  The removal of the leg hair can increase a man’s aerodynamics for speed in sports or improve the appearance of their muscle bellies for bodybuilding or fitness photoshoots and competitions.

Pricing Varies

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Men’s Back Waxing

Men’s Back Waxing is one of the most common hair removal services that men want done.  We often hear that although some of our male clients find lots of their body hair to be masculine… their back hair is always a turnoff for the ladies!

$50.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

$70.00 (+ shoulders) per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

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Men’s Neck Waxing

Men’s Neck Waxing is a way for guys to keep the back and sides of their neck looking proper longer than it would if you just let a barber straight razor it once every few months.

$15.75 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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Men’s Eyebrow Waxing

Men’s Eyebrow Waxing is usually something that men fight for a while until they finally give it a try and are blown away by how awesome it can be!

$14.00 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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Men’s Cheek Waxing

Men’s Cheek Waxing is a great way to clean up a man’s face from all of the finer hairs that many find “annoying”.  Don’t worry – this isn’t going to remove your luscious beards… this service will smooth out the skin from your eye line down to your perfectly-trimmed beard line (or jawline at most if you’d like).  Our Men’s Cheek Waxing does not include waxing of the lip area, chin area, or the forehead but we can do those areas for you as well if you would like to add them.

$10.50 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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Men’s Face Waxing

Men’s Face Waxing is for the man who wants the thick hair or even some thinner fuzz removed from their entire face above the jawline.  It’s basically the same as our Men’s Cheeks Waxing but includes the chin, upper lip, and jawline as well.

$35.00 per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

(Additional $7.00 get your brows shaped!)

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