Full Face Waxing

full face waxing

Full Face Waxing

Full face waxing is a great way to have that overall smooth look and feeling!  Why come in one day for your lip, another for your chin, and yet another for your brows?  Get it all done at once!  Whether your unwanted hairs are long or short, dark or blonde, sometimes they can make you self conscious. Our estheticians will remove said unwanted hair quickly and effectively.

After you’re all smoothed up with a full face waxing be sure to ask the reception about our exclusive products.  If you want different areas of the face focused on then you should visit our main facial wax page so we can work together to build a custom package for you to help you achieve whatever your skin goals are!

$52 per person – approximately 40 minutes duration

$45 per person, brow shaping not included – approximately 30 minutes duration

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