men’s hands and feet

Men’s Hands and Feet


Men’s Hand Nail Care

Men’s Hand and Nail Care is for all guys out there who know their hands and fingers need some help.  Stop finding yourself in positions on dates or at important meetings where your hands are drawing negative attention.  If you have old-looking hands, hangnails all over, and your cuticles have seen better days… then you might want to think about giving us a shout!

$25.00 – approximately 30 minutes

$30.00 (Paraffin Treatment) – approximately 40 minutes

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Men’s Foot Nail Care

If you have feet like most men in Alberta then you have some hangnails, crazy cuticles, and very hardened skin… but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Bring those overworked feet and toes in to our team and we’ll have them looking and feeling much better in no time!

$40.00 per person – approximately 50 minutes duration

$50.00 per person (Thermal Treatment) – approximately 60 minutes duration

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Men’s Detox Foot Bath

Men’s Detox Foot Bath is a relaxing and beneficial treatment that rids the body of the toxins that are in all of us.  Toxins can build up over time so it is good to have some methods of removing them… especially when the method can be as enjoyable as this!

$57.00 per person – approximate duration 45 minutes

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