European Facial

Includes cleansing, steaming, extracting, a restoring mask, and a rejuvenating massage.

$65.00 per person – approximately 60 minutes duration

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Oxygenating Facial

A 5-step treatment, with a unique Oxygen Complex and Patent Anti-Microbial Peptides combined with Salicylic, Glycolic, and Lactic Acids, purifies and deeply hydrates to restore the skin’s natural radiance and glow.

$80.00 per person – approximately 60 minutes duration

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Botinal Anti Aging

This treatment is innovative, non-invasive, and will noticeably reduce the visible signs of aging with retinal and alpha-lipoic acid peptides including Matrixyl and Argirline.

$120 per person – approximately 60 minutes duration

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This treatment is a 3-in-1 that will:

  1. Exfoliate the skin to reveal new healthy skin underneath.
  2. Infuse nutrients into your skin for a healthy looking glow.
  3. Oxygenate your skin to absorb the nutrients.

$120.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration

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This particular facial also combats the signs of aging skin, including fine lines, dark and pigmented spots, and acne scars!

$100.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration

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Collagen Sublime Eye Treatment

This fantastic treatment will reverse lines, inflammation, puffiness and dark circles around your eyes using a soothing eye pelicule infused with collagen extract.

$30.00 – (If you are already getting a facial and you want to add this on then it is $25) approximately 45 minutes duration

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Chemical Peel

We offer 4 types of chemical peels.  Each one has a slightly different purpose and benefit.  Our chemical peels are a safe and effective way of removing the top layer of dull dead skin cells.

$45.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

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Algomask +

This enriching seaweed treatment infuses the skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration while the thermo-cooling effect on the skin minimizes the appearance of redness.

$40 per person – approximately 40 minutes duration

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Sea C Spa

This is a great facial to use if you are concerned with pigmentation or uneven texture of the skin.  This facial works wonders and the effects can be seen for weeks after the facial.

$120 per person – approximately 90 minutes duration

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Collagen 90-ii

Although individual results may vary, this facial has clinically proven results to reduce up to 94% of surface wrinkles!

$120 per person – approximately 90 minutes duration

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Hydrolifting is a unique clinical treatment that was specifically formulated to visibly firm the face and neck skin. The intensive hydration causes the skin to be more radiant and revitalized.

$90 per person – approximately 60 minutes in duration

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