Chemical Peel


Chemical Peel

We offer 4 types of chemical peels.  Each one has a slightly different purpose and benefit.  Our chemical peels are a safe and effective way of removing the top layer of dull dead skin cells.  This type of exfoliation of dead skin cells can not be obtained with over the counter products.  Removal of dead skin cells is vital to healthy skin.  The dead skin cells prevent moisture from reaching to the healthy live skin cells and since they are dead they are dull and give our complexion a dull look.  Exfoliating is also essential to preventing acne as acne is often worsened by clogged pores which is caused by the layer of dead skin cells.

Lactic Acid Peel

This peel is great for dehydrated skin (not to be confused with dry skin) or even skin that feels flaky.  It is also helps to even out fine lines and wrinkles and therefore also improves the texture of the skin.  If you are nervous about getting a chemical peel this is a great first peel.

Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic acid is a small molecule and penetrates more deeply and quickly.  This peel is not intended for unbalanced or overly sensitive skin but it is fantastic if you have sun spots or other signs of sun damage on your skin.

Salicylic Acid Peel

This is the go-to peel for oily or acne prone skin.  This peel is fabulous at removing the dead skin cells that so easily cause acne breakouts and also balances the skin’s oil production.  This peel has the perfect mix of salicylic, mandelic, and glycolic acid.

Derm Renewal Peel

This peel is a mixture of lactic and glycolic Acid.  It is excellent at reducing fine lines, wrinkles and congested skin.
If you have heard horror stories about chemical peels there is no need to worry as our peels are well balanced and are suited specifically for professional spa use.  If you have any skin concerns feel free to talk to one of our estheticians to determine the best exfoliant for your skin.  You can also find what to expect after a chemical peel easily.  Get excited for this one!  You’ll love it!

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$55.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration


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