Relax in our facial room for an hour while we reveal your inner beauty that was always there. The OxyGeneo treatment re-hydrates your skin and you should notice a tightening of the pores, shrinking of wrinkles, and a lightening of sunspots and pigmentation.

OxyGeneo will improve the health of your face’s skin with this 3 in 1 facial that will:

  1. Exfoliate the skin to reveal new healthy skin underneath.
  2. Infuse nutrients into your skin for a healthy looking glow.
  3. Oxygenate your skin to absorb the nutrients.

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We have six different OxyGeneo facials – Balance, Detox, Glam, Hydrate, Illuminate, and Revive. 

Balance contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal to purify clogged pores, clear toxins and bacteria, and matify oil skin. Detox contains Green Tea and it reduces redness and irritation, and removes toxins and impurities from the skin.  Glam contains pure 24K gold particles which is ideal for saggy skin because it restores firmness and elasticity, revitalizes dull skin, and enriches the skin with moisture.  Hydrate contains Blue Spirulina which works to rehydrate and moisturize dry skin, repair the skin barrier function and reduce redness and inflammation. Illuminate contains Vitamin C which brightens and evens skin tone, reduces signs of pigmentation and protects from sun damage. Revive contains Red Algae which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity. Not sure which one is best for your skin? No problem at all as our trained estheticians are excellent at determining the facial that will give you the best results for your skin.

Although some people may experience this treatment and be left wondering how a bunch of bubbles, foam and tingling on the surface of the skin can actually do anything.  This technologically advanced facial uses the Bohr Effect to produce optimal results that result in oxygenation of the skin which is essential in the healing, correcting and detoxing aspects of the skin.  All the bubbles that are produced on the surface of the skin signal the body to send O2 rich blood to the skin resulting in healing of aging and damaged skin.  With an Oxygeneo facial you not only see immediate results on your skin but will continue to see you skin improve days after your facial.

Don’t be surprised if you ask the front desk about any unadvertised specials… and you find one!  If you are more the type who likes to know guaranteed specials then view our monthly specials here on our site.

Balance $165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration.

Detox $165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration.

Glam $195.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes durating.

Hydrate $165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration.

Illuminate $165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration.

Revive $165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes duration.


BONUS:  You can get our Oxygeneo facial with Radiofrequency for only $254.


If the Oxygeneo facial isn’t the best fit for your needs, please consider viewing our entire facials spectrum.

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