Lip Threading

lip threading

Lip Threading

Lip threading is great to deal with any unwanted hair that is growing above the upper lip.  This is not uncommon for ladies so stop worrying about why you are hairier than you want to be and come have it easily removed as you relax in our threading room.  Lip threading is a great alternative to lip waxing (although you can choose waxing if you’d like).  Threading is an ancient technique and if you’ve never tried it we highly suggest you check it out!

Lip threading (or even waxing) is a much better alternative to shaving as the hair root is removed and the smooth upper lip lasts much longer than shaving.  For those who struggle with small bumps or ingrown hairs after threading then come pick up a bottle of our Tend Skin and never struggle with those pesky after threading bumps again.

We are located in downtown Calgary and it is very common for people to stop in quickly during their lunch break from their downtown office jobs.  Make an appointment online, over the phone, or just walk in at your convenience!  Be sure to ask us about any unadvertised specials because you may be quite pleasantly surprised!

Lip: $13 per person – approximately 10 minutes duration

Lip + Chin: $23 per person

Lip + Chin +Eyebrows: $34 per person

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