men’s dry skin

men's dry skin

Men’s Dry Skin

Mens’ Dry Skin is something that plagues so many… but none quite as much as Calgarian men!  Our weather here is pretty crazy and the dry climate doesn’t do anyone’s skin any favours.  If you are a guy who has noticed that your face seems to always look and feel pretty dry then you need to figure out a game plan asap!  We’re sure you have started to look into moisturizers but sometimes they aren’t enough to get your skin hydrated enough to reverse some of the damage.  We suggest coming to see our experts and we will put together a treatment plan to give your face a head start so that when you go back home to your moisturizers… they’ll be able to maintain our results!  Call today and let’s set up your free consultation!


Ideal for for sensitive and reactive-prone skin although it works very well for all skin types. This enriching seaweed treatment infuses the skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration while the thermo-cooling effect on the skin minimizes the appearance of redness.

$45.00 per person – approximately 40 minutes duration

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European Skin Treatment

Join us for an hour while we renew your face with some incredible G.M. Collins face cream, acne treatment (if needed), and moisturizer. This essential men’s skin treatment for your face includes cleansing, steaming, extracting, a restoring mask, and a rejuvenating massage.

$85.00 per person – approximately 60 minutes duration

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Collagen 90

An exclusive, highly renowned, intensively-rejuvenating treatment that dramatically minimizes any man’s visible crows feet and wrinkles. So many people nowadays understand that collagen rejuvenates and tightens the skin resulting in the resurgence of a more youthful, flawless appearance ideal for fatigued and mature skin.

$165.00 per person – approximately 90 minutes duration

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Hydrolifting is a unique clinical treatment that was specifically formulated to visibly firm the face and neck skin. The intensive hydration causes the skin to be more radiant and revitalized. Hydrolifting also improves the skin’s elasticity and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This is the perfect facial if you are concerned with sagging skin.

$165.00 per person – approximately 60 minutes in duration

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Oxygeneo Hydrate Facial

If your skin is lacking moisture and you truly want to bring it up to the next level then this is the facial for you.

$165.00 per person – approximately 70 minutes in duration

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