Fingernail Repair

fingernail repair

Fingernail Repair

Fingernail Repair is something that’s gonna be worth it!  Do not go about your day worried about snagging it on every article of clothing you put on or take off.  Don’t worry about how bad it looks all day.  Do not try to rip it off yourself… instead bring your damaged artificial nail in and we can take care of it for you and make it look as good as new!  Fingernail repair is the best!

After you have had that headache fixed… bring your happy self over to our front desk and get a quick product tour.  You will be impressed at all the exclusive products we are able to offer you.  Create a custom plan with our team to help you achieve whatever your goals might be!

$6.50 per acrylic nail – approximately 20 minutes duration

$8.50 per gel nail – approximately 20 minutes duration

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