Sea C Spa

sea c spa

Sea C Spa

Sea C Spa facial is based on a newly emerging treatment that helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and suppleness by using a unique concept of combining marine and vegetal ingredients (Pure Vitamin C concentrate, algae biomatrix patches, and thermal organic mud). Sea C Spa is a powerful age-defying treatment designed to reverse the visible signs of aging, providing long lasting visible results on fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful skin appearance.

This is a great facial to use if you are concerned with pigmentation or uneven texture of the skin.  This facial works wonders and the effects can be seen for weeks after the facial.  We recommend for fantastic healthy skin that a facial be done monthly.  It is also helpful to change the type of facial at different times throughout the year to stimulate collagen production and keep a healthy glow to the skin.  A Sea C Spa facial is also great for sun damaged skin.  Don’t let the picture at the top of this page fool you – the white patches that are placed on the skin are seaweed patches high in properties that help restore the cells’ structure and also an effective emollient and a a natural antioxidant.  They are dissolved and massaged into the skin for fantastic benefits!  If you haven’t yet given this a try you really should!

After your awesome facial you should make sure you ask our front desk about any unadvertised specials because you might be in luck!  We also love to run monthly specials for all of our fellow Calgarians so be sure you are getting the best deal!

$120 per person – approximately 90 minutes duration

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