New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of the year, a lot of people make resolutions to do something better in the months ahead – whether it’s working out, eating better, spending less, or just using more time to work on ourselves in ways that will improve our lives. The beginning of a new year is a great time to look back and evaluate our past year of actions and events, and then use those experiences to look forward and plan. That mindset is the key to a lot of unlocked potential – it is how things get accomplished, growth occurs, and dreams are met.

If you’ve tried to take part in resolutions before, you might have experienced situations where New Year’s resolutions are ridiculed, mocked, or looked down on. You may have even failed at resolutions every year, for one reason or another. But don’t let that stop you!

To really succeed at something, you have to be willing to pick yourself up and try again. No successful artist or musician ever got to where they are by making their masterpiece on their first day, so remember that there’s no pressure to be perfect. Your resolution should be something you want to achieve, and not something you feel obligated to do. It’s a goal for you and you alone, because when you make resolutions to make others happy, you will not be inspired and will give up easily.

When your resolutions inspire you, they become easy to think about and express to others. There are many ways to keep yourself motivated and inspired during the year after the initial determination starts to disappear. Write out your resolutions, or use a device like a vision board to remind you of what you are trying to achieve and to keep you on track. You may also find it helpful to put an inspiring picture on your phone and computer home screen. Not only will this help guide you forward, but it will help you ignore all the people who try and tell you that you’re wasting your time and that you can’t accomplish your goals. It will help you ignore your inner thoughts that may be trying to tell you that you’re going to fail, or that the task is too hard. You can do it – don’t listen to the negativity!

With every new day, try to think about your resolutions, as you will automatically move in the direction of your thoughts. Make sure to keep your thoughts positive, for this same reason. It is okay to tell a trusted friend or two – or even a stranger or two, if they’re listening – about your resolutions. You don’t even have to say it is a resolution, if that makes it easier; just tell them that it is a plan you would like to accomplish. You may not have made progress toward your resolution this week or last week but you can make some progress today – even if it is small progress. No mountain is ever climbed with five or six enormous steps, after all. It’s an untold number of very small steps, consistently going in the right direction.

Remember, January can be a dreary and depressing month (especially when it gets down to -30 and below!) but don’t let it steal your enthusiasm. Find ways to ‘cheer up’ the month and be motivated as you work toward your resolutions.

At Spa Escape, we believe in greatness and we believe in you. Don’t give up. You can do it!

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