The Terrifying TRUTH About Chemical Peels!

the truth about chemical peels - woman faceThe Terrifying TRUTH About Chemical Peels!

Maybe it’s in the name. Maybe it’s from pop culture. Maybe it’s the actual process itself. Whatever it is, we’ve learned that some people find chemical peels intimidating, harmful, or in some cases, even scary. After all, chemicals are bad for you – right?


Well, not necessarily. All else aside, chemical peels are just another tool in an esthetician’s toolbox, helping you to get the clear and supple skin you’ve been dreaming of. But even though they’re fairly common and useful, there are still some helpful distinctions that all our clients should be aware of when thinking about booking a chemical peel in Calgary.


First off, it’s important to know that there are different depths of peels: superficial, mid, and deep. They all have their own proper applications and rules for use, because they all vary in how many layers of skin they affect. For your ease of reference we have outlined their uses and effects below.


Starting from the deepest option, phenol peels are the rarest type, and for good reason. Intended for significant skin issues, deep wrinkles, scars, or dermatological precancerous growth removal, phenol peels go deep and remove not only the epidermis (top layer), but also down to the mid-to-lower layer of the dermis, too. Since these have the most at stake, and may even require anaesthetic or rounds of pre-treatment, they are performed only by licensed dermatologists with the training to do it correctly.


Next, we have mid-level chemical peels, which remove cells from the epidermis and portions of the underlying dermis to treat wrinkles, acne scars, or uneven skin tone. Some spas will do these, for which you come in to see the esthetician and they will put a solution (or more than one) onto your face. Then you simply wait a few hours, wash your skin like normal…and in a few days, you’ll notice peeling starting to occur – a period we call “downtime”, because you will likely just want to hide at home for 4-7 days while this goes on. The end result looks incredibly new and fresh, because the younger skin below is emerging to the top.


Many people struggle with these peels, because it can get itchy and irritated – but picking or scratching at this new skin will only lead to disaster like scars, pockmarks, or possibly even infection, which can quickly turn into a major problem. So if you’re the type who absentmindedly picks at your skin, you may want to reconsider the mid-level peels, even though some spas will do them, because interfering with the peeling process could result in something even worse than you started with.


We know – those can sound scary and it is seeing pictures of these peels on the internet that cause many people to cringe when they hear the term ‘chemical peel’ but luckily, at Spa Escape we stick to what we believe to be effective while being safe and posing little to no risk to our clients. It is for that reason that we do superficial chemical peels, which only remove the outer layer of the epidermis – basically the exterior, mostly-dead layer of cells. This treatment is fantastic for treating dull skin, fine wrinkles, dry skin, acne, and uneven skin tones, and leaves your skin looking radiant right away.


But the best part? There is no downtime, no peeling of skin, no hiding out at home, – because all the removal is done here at the spa, pain- and itch-free and with no risk of infection or scaring. We apply a solution to your skin based on your skin type and concern, after several minutes we apply a neutralizer. Once the solution has neutralized we wash your skin and your treatment is done. It’s fast and effective and can easily be done over your lunch break. Or, you may want to follow the peel with other treatments such as a hydrating Algo Mask and/or Collagen Sublime Eye treatment. It’s a quick and simple process to brighter skin and a clearer complexion. It is also safe to plan multiple chemical peel treatments over time that will give you results similar to the mid-level peels, but without all the downtime and risks.


So – the next time you hear about a chemical peel, don’t panic or run the other way! Our peels have consistently excellent, wonderful results, and many of our clients swear by them. You can find out for yourself in just one session. Contact us today to find out more about which facial is right for you!

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