Halloween Survival Guide


halloween survival guide

     Halloween Survival Guide

Ah, October. For many people it’s a favourite time of year – the trees are full of colour, the pumpkin spice flows from every bakery, and of course, at the end of the month, we have an excuse to dress up as scary or sexy versions of every occupation. While this is undoubtedly great fun, it can be hard on our skin, nails, hands, feet…just about everything that you want to take care of! Before you head out to your Halloween party with an inch of makeup (and no jacket) on, take a look through our Halloween survival guide. Before you know it, it’ll be November, and you’ll still have a glowing complexion that you can be proud of!


1. Moisturize before using face paints or makeup. A good moisturizer will not only slow the evaporation of moisture from your skin, but it will block other materials from being absorbed into the skin layers as well. So if you lather some on before you apply makeup or face paint, it keeps your skin supple underneath, and helps that green-hued, greasy dollar-store goo come off easier at the end of the night – and believe us, that’s for the best. We carry a wide range of moisturizers and other skin care products from G.M. Collin and can help guide you to which one is best for you.

 2. Make a late-night date with makeup remover. As we mentioned in the last post, removing your makeup before bed is crucial to good skin care. Not only will you tint your pillow a new colour, but your pores will be begging for relief after 12+ hours covered up with thick Halloween makeup – so spend two minutes setting your skin free when you get home. This will result in less irritation, a cleaner complexion, and a lot less stress on November 1.

 3. Make sure more candy goes out the door than into your stomach. While full-size chocolate bars will prevent neighbourhood kids from setting TP rolls loose on your house (ha ha), they’re not so good for you if you test more than a couple of them for “quality control”. Be sure not to eat too much of the pile by your door, because sugar in general just isn’t good for any part of your body – and when your body isn’t happy, your skin usually isn’t, either.

4. Book a pedicure for tired feet. While you may find yourself too old for going house-to-house, for many kids, it’s the perfect excuse to load up on “snacks” – so you may instead have to escort little ones all around the neighbourhood. If you’ve walked a few miles around town, standing on pavement and hard concrete while the kids get the goods, your feet are probably ready to give up. Luckily, we offer many different pedicures, and even an ionic foot bath (which should help you recover before Christmas shopping season kicks in).

5. Artificial nails are the real deal. Some costumes just need long nails to pull off the look. From movie stars to werewolves, there are artificial nails for whatever you have in mind – because a good costume really is all about the details. We can help you get the right set of nails put on, take them off, and take care of them in between.

 6. Cold wind + dry air = a spooky story for lips and facial skin. It might be a good time of year to invest in chapstick and moisturizers, because being out in the cold, dry, and windy Alberta weather can wreak havoc on exposed skin. Be sure to bundle up as much as possible, and use the appropriate products before you leave the house and again when you get home…you wouldn’t want to end up looking like a mummy for real, right?


Wherever you end up this Halloween, we hope you have fun, look good, and keep your skin in tip-top shape as we head to the end of the year. We look forward to hearing all about your spooky adventures – so don’t forget to drop in this fall for more great deals and great service!

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