T’was The Month Before Christmas

t'was the month before christmas

T’was The Month Before Christmas


T’was the month before Christmas and all through the city,

Good people cried out, “My skin’s hairy and gritty!

My feet are like hooves!  My nails are a mess!

My face is breaking out from holiday stress!”


They paced in their bedroom, first to and then fro.

“What should I do now? I simply don’t know!

I need a new plan, ‘cause the party’s next week!”

The poor dears’ futures now seemed very bleak.


Just when Christmas cheer was becoming quite blue,

A happy feeling deep down, sprouted and grew.

They cheered in unison, “Spa Escape!

They’ll get me ready and into perfect shape!”


They sprang into action and headed downtown,

Pushing their way through the gift-shopping crowd,

And soon they were sitting in a great massage chair

Answering questions about unwanted hair.


“So here’s what we’ll do,” said the tech to her client.

“I know that this hair can be quite defiant.

So we’ll wax, and we’ll wrap, and we’ll do what we must

To make it vanish, like specks of dust.


And then come the nails! A mani and pedi!”

The technician cried out, so excited and ready.

“We’ll push up your cuticles, and smooth out the edges,

Buff ‘em and clean ‘em – it will leave you quite breathless.”


She went to a wall, stocked up to the ceiling

With lotions and oils, and products for peeling

The dirt and the grease from a customer’s face.

She took one away from the rest of the case.


“And once your nails feel so fresh and so clean,

We’ll give you a facial – it’s very serene.

There’s plenty to choose from – target aging and spots,

Or sun damage and wrinkles, even if there are lots.


And then – did you know we can tint your eyelashes?

You’ll look so good! You’ll really make splashes

There’s even massage, to reduce the muscle

Straining and draining from the holiday hustle.


And when we are done,” the tech said with a grin,

“You’ll barely recognize your own silky smooth skin.

You’ll be ready for parties, and sledding, and skis,

You’ll be ready for dinners, and tall Christmas trees!”


From their perch in the comfy spa massage chair,

The people of Calgary put hands in the air.

“This is great news!” they cried out with a cheer.

“I am so glad that I ended up, here!”


So in just a few hours, they primped and they preened

Their face and their feet (and everything in between),

And when they emerged into the winter air,

They now felt totally fine and prepared.


The people of Calgary sang out in one voice,

“Because of Spa Escape, we now will rejoice!

From Zoolights (in new tights) to feeling exquisite,

Everything’s simply better now, after our visit.”


So don’t delay, come today! Spa Escape awaits

With plenty of products and reasonable rates.

And we wish you, during this cold December,

A spa experience that you will always remember!

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