Premature Aging

premature aging

Premature Aging

We’ve all had that moment, standing in front of the mirror, when something catches our eye – maybe it’s a wrinkle that we never had before, or a dry patch that seems to have appeared overnight. However it shows up, it’s never a fun experience to find signs of premature aging showing up on our skin.

While Calgary is one of the best cities in the world to live in, it comes at a price to our skin cells – the dry air can often pull the moisture right out, leaving us looking a little less youthful than we’d like. Since we’re also one of the sunniest places in the world, constant exposure to sunlight – even in the bitter winter cold, when uncovered faces can get a double dose of UV from reflections off the snow – also contributes to this early aging. That’s not even mentioning nutrition, smoking, or skin care routines. So what’s the best way to fix premature aging?

At Spa Escape, there are several options to choose from, each with a slightly different focus. One of the most effective laser skin treatments is the Sharplight DPC skin rejuvenation, which uses bursts of high-intensity light to reset your body’s chemistry and increase collagen production – the perfect way to get rid of unsightly wrinkles, spots and textures. Often referred to as an anti-aging procedure, IPL is safe to use for people of any age or skin type, and it does a fantastic job at making the skin look new again.

To really bring the glow back to your face, we offer a few different facials as well – read our newer blog post to help figure out which facial is best for you. They work by rehydrating the skin, getting to the root cause of most premature aging, and bringing moisture levels back to where they should be. The Collagen 90 is a great choice to not only rehydrate, but to give your collagen that extra push, and both the Hydrolifting and Botinal facials will make any less-than-perfect skin look younger, healthier, and softer than you ever thought possible.

After you’re done here in the spa, we have a variety of take-home products that do a phenomenal job of reversing the signs of aging, and we’d be happy to recommend ones that work well for your skin tone and type. We’re always ready to help our clients look their best!

Don’t wait another day to start giving your skin back its youthful glow. Visit Spa Escape downtown in Calgary today and find out how easy it can be, and no longer worry about seeing unsightly early aging in the mirror. We can’t wait to meet you!

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