The Best Facials for Calgary’s Climate

best facials for Calgary's climate

Calgary’s dry, sunny, and occasionally polluted environment can take a toll on skin health. The right facial treatment can help address the unique climate challenges in this city. Staying on top of hydration, UV protection, and combatting environmental stressors is key to maintaining youthful, healthy skin as we age.  This is why we want to share the best facials for Calgary’s climate with all of you today!

At Spa Escape, we help individuals every day with a personalized approach to skincare. We know it can be challenging to figure out the perfect facial for you, so we’ve rounded up 6 of the best facials to help combat aging skin in Calgary. Each of these treatments helps nourish, hydrate, and protect skin from the aging effects of our climate.

But first, let’s look at just how much the weather affects our skin here in Calgary!

Calgary’s Climate and Its 3 Main Impacts on Skin

Calgary’s climate presents some unique skincare challenges. The low humidity, high UV exposure, and urban pollution in this city can accelerate skin aging. Understanding how these factors affect the skin is key to choosing effective anti-aging facials.

Dryness and Dehydration

Calgary’s low humidity draws moisture away from the skin, leading to dryness and dehydration. This loss of water content compromises the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. Skin becomes more vulnerable to external aggressors. All skin types need hydration for a healthy barrier, plumpness, and elasticity.

But even when we drink a lot of water, it still does not sufficiently hydrate the skin.  Our environment is so dry that any moisture that reaches the outer part of the skin from internal hydration is quickly lost into the dry environment.  That’s why hydrating our skin needs to be approached from the external surface and not just internally.

Sun Exposure and Photodamage

Calgary’s sunny climate means the skin is exposed to higher UV radiation levels. This photodamage from the sun degrades collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to sagging, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Choosing facials with sun protection and damage repair is essential.

UB rays tan the skin, and they drop off on cloudy days and in the winter.  The sneaky thing about UV rays is that UVA rays cause most signs of skin aging, but UVA rays remain constant throughout the year.  UVA rays penetrate clouds and windows as well.  So, even on a cloudy or winter day, your skin is exposed to damaging UV radiation.

Pollution and Environmental Stress

Particulate matter and pollutants in Calgary’s urban environment generate free radicals that accelerate skin cell deterioration. Facials with antioxidants and detoxifying ingredients help combat this environmental assault on the skin.

If you are ever skeptical about environmental pollutants and particles around you, just take a clean, damp paper towel and wipe a window or mirror that has not been cleaned in a week or two. You will see how much dirt is picked up by the towel.

Windows and mirrors remain stationary, but our skin is constantly moving, so it picks up significantly more environmental pollution and particles than a mirror or window.

With those ideas in mind, here are our top six facials to invest in for a healthier and younger-looking complexion in Calgary. Each facial is designed with powerful antioxidants and nourishing ingredients to restore radiance, hydration, and suppleness – protecting your skin all year round.

Top 6 Best Facials for Calgary’s Climate

1. Dryness and Dehydration

Calgary’s low humidity causes the top layer of skin to dry out. This builds up dead skin cells that cling to the surface, creating a dull and flaky complexion. The dry air also leads to dehydration, as moisture evaporates from the deeper layers of the skin.

Hydrating facials help provide lasting moisture while gently exfoliating away dead skin.

Hydrolifting Facial: This intensive treatment uses hyaluronic acid and retinol serums to deeply hydrate, lift, and plump the skin. Enzymatic exfoliation removes dead skin buildup. Lifting massage techniques, serums, and an intense hydrating mask tone and tighten the skin.

Algo Mask with Chemical Peel: This treatment begins with a clinical-level skin exfoliant (we refer to it as a chemical peel, but don’t let that name scare you).  The exfoliant gently softens and lifts the dead, dull surface cells, stimulating collagen growth for firmer and more radiant skin.  This is followed with a thermo-corrective algae mask loaded with hydrating ingredients to calm and quench thirsty skin while calming down any red or irritated skin.   

Oxygeneo Hydrate Facial: This facial uses patented technology to infuse hydration into the deeper layers of the skin. Oxygeneo Facials are Canada’s number one facials, and the Oxygeneo Hydrate facial is not a disappointment!

The blue spirulina oxypod and hyaluronic acid serum attracts and retains moisture. Oxygenation and ultrasonic waves enhance absorption along with improved skin health. Skin looks supple and dewy.

Proper hydration also strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, helping it retain water and withstand Calgary’s drying winds. Regular hydrating facials keep skin looking plump and youthful.

2. Facials for Sun Exposure and Damage

Calgary’s high UV levels from the sun cause extensive photodamage over time. The UVB rays burn the skin’s surface, while UVA rays penetrate deeper to degrade collagen and elastin fibers. This results in wrinkles, sun spots, and loose sagging skin.

Facials with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and mineralizing ingredients help reverse and protect against further sun damage.

Sea C Spa Facial: This facial uses a high dose of stabilized Vitamin C to neutralize sun damage and prevent further discolouration. Algae extract and remineralizing seaweed patches also help rebuild the skin’s supportive structures.

Oxygeneo Illuminate Facial combines physical exfoliation, oxygen stimulation, and ultrasound therapy. The multifaceted approach, combined with ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin C, and retinol, treats various layers of photodamaged skin for a brightened and evenly-toned complexion.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation: Using broad-spectrum light waves, IPL breaks up pigmentation from sunspots while correcting and stimulating collagen and elastin production. The photo facial leaves the skin looking renewed and rejuvenated.

3.  Facials for Expression Lines

The bright sunlight in Calgary causes frequent squinting of the eyes and forehead. Over time, this leads to etched-in expression lines around these areas. Environmental factors like dryness and pollution also cause us to make facial expressions that exacerbate these wrinkles.

Botinol Facial This uses natural relaxants like Argireline and wrinkle-smoothing oligopeptides to soften lines caused by repeated facial movements. A lifting and hydrating mask leaves skin looking refreshed and smoother.  If you receive botox injections to lessen your expression lines then the Botinol facial should be on your must-have list to support and extend the length between your injections.

Phyto Stem Cell Infusion – Stem cells play a crucial role in tissue maintenance and repair, ensuring your skin remains vibrant and healthy. However, the primary driver of aging is stem cell exhaustion. Skin stem cells are particularly susceptible to premature degeneration due to a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic stress factors.

That’s where our Spa Escape Stem Cell Infusion Facial steps in, harnessing the power of plant stem cell extracts to nourish human stem cells, enhance their vitality, and promote overall skin health. This rejuvenating experience includes a soothing massage, our renowned Algo Mask, and a clinical-grade exfoliant that goes beyond the ordinary European facial.

Expression lines can make us appear older than our years. These targeted treatments diminish the signs of squinting and frowning to restore a youthful, relaxed appearance.

4. Facials for Pollution and Environmental Stress

Calgary’s urban environment exposes skin to particulate matter, smoke, and other toxins. These environmental stressors generate free radicals that accelerate the aging of skin cells. The skin’s defenses weaken over time.

Detoxifying and antioxidant facials help combat pollution-induced skin damage.

Oxygeneo Detox Facial: This facial uses ingredients like green tea, seaweed extracts, and acai berries to draw out toxins and impurities. Anti-inflammatory botanicals soothe and protect against environmental assaults and calm redness and irritation.

Oxygeneo Illuminate:  As noted above, this facial is filled with antioxidants that help calm and feed the skin while reversing oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution.

Sea C Spa: Also mentioned above, this facial has the antioxidants and clinical-level exfoliation required to combat and reverse the oxidative stress in the skin caused by environmental pollutants and stress.

5. Facials for Wind Damage

Calgary’s frequent gusty winds dehydrate the skin and disrupt its protective barrier. The loss of moisture, lipids, and other natural factors renders skin more vulnerable to external aging influences.

Prolonged wind exposure also causes free radical damage along with damage to the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. Targeted barrier repair facials reinforce the skin against dryness and environmental assault.

Collagen 90 Facial: This powerhouse treatment infuses the skin with soluble collagen while also stimulating collagen production. Plant extracts like padina pavonica help restore the skin’s lipid barrier. This collagen-inducing, hydration powerhouse facial always leaves an immediate difference in the skin that lasts for weeks.  The multifaceted approach protects against wind-induced dryness and damage.

OxyGeneo Hydrate Facial: This facial thoroughly exfoliates and then replenishes moisture using blue spirulina, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and nourishing botanical extracts. It strengthens the barrier function to lock in hydration while soothing redness and irritation.

6. Facials for Stress Damage

Beyond weather, Calgary’s fast-paced lifestyle can induce social and emotional stress.

This causes the body to produce inflammatory hormones and free radicals that prematurely age skin. Facials with soothing, antioxidant ingredients help combat stress-related skin damage.

Sea C Spa Facial: Just like treating sun exposure, the high dose of Vitamin C in this facial neutralizes free radicals triggered by stress. Anti-inflammatory algae extracts and mineral-rich seaweed also protect the skin.

Oxygeneo Revive Facial: This treatment uses stimulating botanical extracts to rejuvenate stressed skin. Antioxidants like acai berry restore the skin’s natural healing processes.

Get Your Personalized Facial Scheduled Today!

Calgary’s climate presents a unique combination of skin aging factors not seen in many places. Addressing concerns like dryness, sun damage, wind, and pollution requires targeted facial treatments. A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective.

It is essential to have an in-depth skin analysis by an experienced esthetician. They can then make personalized recommendations based on your skin’s needs. Regular customized facials using ingredients that tackle your specific concerns will keep your skin looking youthful and healthy.

At Spa Escape, our estheticians take the time to understand your skin before designing a facial regimen just for you. We use specialized products and techniques tailored to your unique climate-related aging issues. Contact us today to schedule a skin consultation and have us help you choose your personal best facials for Calgary’s climate. Discover the transformative power of customized anti-aging facials.

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