Skincare For The Calgary Office

skincare for the calgary office

Skincare for the Calgary Office

With the warm weather coming up fast, it’s tempting to stare out the window and daydream of long summer days spent outside on the beach or the patio. But unfortunately, the reality for most of us is that we spend a lot of our summer days indoors in the office, bathed only in the light that comes from our computer screens and overhead lights.


But even though it’s only our faces that are exposed, being in an office can affect that skin and cause premature aging in a number of ways. That’s bad, because we want to look our best to business partners, clients, coworkers, and everyone else we see on a daily basis! Here are some sources of skin troubles that you can look out for when you’re stuck indoors at your desk – and some genuine Spa Escape recommendations on how to overcome them.



  • Sun Damage

This one is just like the overly chipper person who doesn’t drink coffee and is always in the office before everyone else on Monday morning: bright, overbearing, seems to have enough energy to run the place on their own…and only manageable in small doses. Anything more than a few minutes and you have to prepare yourself!


If you sit near a window, you can still be exposed to UV rays through the glass – something you may never even think about, even while it builds up over years. Time spent outside can also cause quick sun damage to unprotected facial skin, even if it’s just walking a few blocks to the train station or being stuck in traffic. Our advice? Protect that face – it’s gotta last a lifetime! Use sunscreen, moisturizer, and other helpful products to keep wrinkles away and that youthful glow in place. We carry a mineral-boosting sunscreen that’s great for daily wear, even under makeup.



  • Dehydration

Ah, the sweet, nourishing chill of the summertime air conditioner – one of the perks of being indoors, at least. But that cold air doesn’t just remove the heat from your skin; it pulls out a lot of the moisture in the process, leaving your face and hands cold, dry, and in need of some serious TLC to prevent wrinkles and flakes. Even without A/C, the recycled air systems in a lot of buildings can lead to some harsh dehydration in exposed skin, and hey – even the best of us often forget to drink enough water as it is.


Pick up some good moisturizers (we carry a variety of Hydramucine gels, creams, and cleansers) and be consistent with using them. Keep some at your desk to reapply throughout the day, and integrate it into your daily routine in the morning or evening. Look your best and rest assured that the office environment will no longer have you looking like a desert mummy – and know that you’ll have people talking about that confident, welcoming aura, even if they can’t quite pinpoint why.



  • Acne

Every office has that person who has to be the centre of attention – making it hard for anyone to focus on anything else. That’s what having acne at the office is like: a big, red sign that you can’t ignore, drawing all eyes in, making people self-conscious and shy when they have to interact with others around them.


Everything from build-up of dead skin cells, lack of exercise and water, to poor diet due to busy schedules, to stress and low air quality can contribute to acne breakouts. Hit back at the cause, by being mindful of your water and nutrient intake, and using the right skin care products consistently. We recommend the Puracne Gel to get back that blemish-free look you’ve been longing for and if you need a quick anti-acne boost, an in-spa chemical peel will work wonders. And remember – just like you wouldn’t punch the office loudmouth, don’t try to pop any pimples! It can lead to bleeding, scars, strange looks, and a whole lot of awkward conversations the next day.



  • Blue Light

There’s no better analogy for the effect of blue light than that of the whole office environment itself: slowly, but surely, seeping in to your cells and changing who you are, what you see in the mirror, and how you feel about yourself. Many people are not even aware of what blue light is, let alone its effects, but preventing its damage is one of the best things you can do for your life in an office.


Blue light is emitted from every screen on every device that we use, in varying strength, and our eyes hone in on it as a mark that we should be awake and alert. But the energy in it affects our skin and creates free radicals – so much so that after months and years of working in front of screens for hours at a time, it can noticeably wrinkle and age our faces! So when you think that the office is literally sucking away your life force, you’re not so far off….


But how do we prevent that? Use an anti-aging serum like our City D-Tox from GM Collin. It will also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, rehydrate the spots that need it, and offer some much-needed assistance in the fight against aging skin.


Just because you work in a corporate office doesn’t mean you have to let it sap away your skin’s natural glow and charm. Spa Escape in Calgary can help you with advice, recommendations, and some excellent skin care packages that will keep you looking your best long after you’ve started your day.  


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