The Shocking TRUTH About Male Pedicures

male pedicures - man feet over water

The Shocking TRUTH About Male Pedicures

Men, this one is for you, and it’s a necessary one! Today, we’re going to be talking about pedicures and some of the ways they are misunderstood by most people… shocking!!


If the only information you have ever received about pedicures is from sitcom reruns or romantic comedies, you might think they’re all about getting your nails painted and your skin covered in lotion. In reality, pedicures – more than just a foot manicure – are not only about how your toes, nails, and feet look, but also how they feel and how healthy they are.


Think about it. All day long your feet are trapped in socks or shoes, and if you work in a job with a lot of standing, walking, or movement, that’s hours upon hours of friction, impacts, and supporting your entire body weight. If you play sports like soccer or football, imagine the chaos that your calves, foot muscles, and tendons deal with on a daily basis – and how much better you could do without lower legs that hurt… but felt and performed at their best. As it is, no wonder your feet get sore and tired. You’re likely long overdue to show them some love for all they do!


All of this doesn’t even mention things like dry skin, ingrown toenails, or calluses. Contrary to what you may think about having to be “tough” and “manly”, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your feet and making sure they stay healthy and happy. They’re the only pair you’ve got and hey, you want them to last for an entire lifetime!


So what do male pedicures actually entail?


Push those images of nail polish and perfume out of your mind. The first part of the process is easy: you simply sit and relax in a comfy massage chair, taking all the weight off your feet and feeling the compression melt away. Our first priority is to get your skin hydrated, nourished, and healthy, so we start by putting your feet into a detoxifying water solution that will not only clean them deeply, but infuse them with all the minerals and salts they need.


Next, an esthetician will sit with you and work on one foot at a time – trimming and shaping any wild toenails, cleaning up calluses by removing or reducing them (whichever you prefer), and paring down your cuticles. A little TLC goes a long way, and after this, your feet will already look and feel great. But then comes one of the best parts, in our humble opinion: lower leg and foot massage that revives the muscles, rejuvenates the skin, and breathes new life into sore, tired feet and legs. Your circulation will improve, helping any soreness to heal, and if all that isn’t enough…well, it just plain feels amazing!


The final is to get your skin fully hydrated with a coating of paraffin wax on your feet. It is left on for ten minutes allowing time for your feet to absorb the hydrating oils of the wax. Peeling it off is not only satisfying to watch, but according to the vast majority of people who get it done, it feels “SO GOOD!” We can’t argue with that!  If you would rather substitute a clear or coloured nail polish instead of the paraffin wax treatment we can accommodate for the same price.


Don’t let another spring go by without giving some love to the feet that hold you up, carry you around, and keep you balanced every waking hour of the day. Contact Spa Escape today to book a “men’s foot and nail care” treatment and find out what you’ve been missing!


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