How To Get Great Nails

how to get great nails

How To Get Great Nails

One of the main reasons that people come to a spa is to get their nails done. Whether this means a full manicure and polish, or just some quick shaping and fixing, it is something that we see here all the time. So we know a thing or two about great nails and how to keep them looking their best! Here are some facts about how to care for your nails – and what to do when you really need someone to help (that is what we are here for, after all).


  • Nails are not tools. Your fingernails are in place to provide protection for your fingertips, and to make it easier for you to grip objects (by providing resistance for the other side to push against). So if you are using your nails as tools like pry bars or screwdrivers, they’re bound to get damaged or broken. Get the right tools you need and avoid spoiling the time that it took to grow your nails out.


  • Biting ruins nails. Many people have this habit, and try – successfully or otherwise – to get out of it. Besides being bad for your nails and the nail bed, it can also make you sick (fingers get notoriously dirty throughout the day) and even damage your teeth. While finding a way to stop the habit is best, if you are working your way up to that, ask about our artificial nails – they are stronger than your real ones, and as soon as the artificial nail hits the mouth it will feel very different than your natural nail and you will naturally drop the nail biting habit.


  • Choose the right solution. There are different parts to your nails. There is the nail itself, which is made out of keratin – the same substance as hooves, horns, and claws in animals, and a modified version of your own hair – and then there is the cuticle, which is a hard, skin-like layer that bridges the gap between your regular skin and the nail. Each requires certain oils and minerals to function at their best, so make sure you treat them to a top quality oil, even when you’re wearing nail polish. This goes doubly so in the winter, when nails can get very dry and brittle. We sell cuticle oil in our spa, so don’t be afraid to grab some after your manicure! Be sure to gently massage the cuticle area well when applying cuticle oil to help promote healthy nail growth.


  • Do not forget the rest of your hands. We offer hand and arm massages as part of our large selection of manicures, not only because they feel nice, but because they help improve growth and the strength of the nails that are growing. In fact, many people do not realize that there is a lot more to a true manicure than simply “doing your nails”. The whole point of the process is to care for them, which means caring for the whole hand. A true manicure is all about great hand and nail care and the polish is fancy packaging. After all, a pedicure involves taking care of your whole foot, removing calluses and dead skin, etc….why would we do it any differently for a manicure? Do not settle for anything less.


  • Do not panic if things go wrong. You cannot prepare for everything. While broken nails just take a professional touch and time, something more concerning like a nail fungus has to be dealt with in a specific way – otherwise it will spread. If you have discolouring on your nails and the doctor says it is a fungus, do not stress too much, because yes, we have seen it before! We thoroughly sterilize and sanitize all our equipment and wipe surfaces and use a clean file for each customer (and you should be very wary of places that do not; that is a common way for fungus to spread). We also have a product called “Fung Off” for you to purchase if you are struggling with a nail fungus as Fung Off is an excellent product at combating nail fungus..


  • Leave it to the pros. We have been taking care of nails for a long time and we have helped a lot of people get their nails looking exactly how they want. From our matte Nail Envy products that strengthen nails (for men and for women), to our dietary recommendations on how to improve their health (drink lots of water, eat lots of omega-3s and minerals, and cut down on the carbs!), we’re committed to bringing your nails from drab to fab!


If you need to freshen up your fingertips after this cold snap, or you simply want to make sure you are giving your nails everything they need, visit Spa Escape in downtown Calgary and book an appointment with one of our nail specialists. We also offer a wide variety of other services, like facials, waxing, laser therapy, eyelash extensions, and more – so even if your nails are flawless, we are ready to chat about what else we can do for you!


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    What is used to cure gel or shellac at your spa? UV or LED?

    • Hey, Diane. All gel polish requires UV rays to cure the polish. We use LED lights and the LED lights have UV rays like the traditional UV lamps/bulbs.

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